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New Leaked Arkham Asylum 2 Domain Names May Hint Plot Lines.

July 13, 2010

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Recently, Warner Brothers registered several domain names for the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum. They were found and published by superannuation. When you go through the names of these some of them seem to reveal plot lines that may appear in Arkham Asylum 2, some of them pretty interesting. If these are true, Rocksteady are definitely detaching themselves from the first Arkham Asylum. Let’s take a look at the different names. Here’s a list of them:

Arkham City, Batman Arkham City, Batman Ashes of Gotham, Batman New Arkham, Batman Rise of Arkham, Batman Siege of Gotham, Batman State of Villainy, City of Arkham, Close Arkham City, Stop Mayor Sharp, War in Gotham City and Where’s Bruce Wayne.

All of these names coupled with the teaser trailer released a while back point to many things. First of all, the most obvious one, Arkham has taken over the Gotham and it’s in their control completely. This would make for a fantastic plotline! Just like they took over Arkham island and you had to beat them from the inside-out, you’re doing it again but on a much bigger scale. The whole city of Gotham! Or perhaps, “City of Arkham”.

“Stop Mayor Sharp”, now there’s a title! Anyone who’s played the first game will know of one character, Quincey Sharp. He was the warden in Arkham Asylum and (SPOILERS) later found to be the “Spirit of Arkham”. The spirit of Amadeus Arkham, the founder of the asylum. In the first game Quincey was running for mayor and apparently, he won. But being the spirit of Amadeus (who throughout the game you hear some pretty… Interesting things from) he may be corrupt, insane or even evil!

“Where’s Bruce Wayne” is a bit obvious. Bruce Wayne, Batman, hasn’t been seen for a bit and nobody knows where he is. At the moment in the Batman comics, Bruce Wayne is presumed dead and Dick Grayson (formally Robin) has taken the role of Batman with Damian Wayne (Bruce Wayne’s son) now helping him as Robin. The game may be taking inspiration from the comics but if not then we’ll have to wait and see where Bruce Wayne is!

Broken Ground, Grand Delusion and People For Gotham

To be honest, I have no idea what the first two of these mean. I can’t think of anything related to The Joker or Arkham that they may referring to. If you have any ideas please let me know in the comments, I’d like to hear any ideas of what the next game could be about.

“People for Gotham” is once again related to Gotham changing and being taken over by The Joker and Arkham. Perhaps people on the outside of the city want to change it and bring it back to the city it once was. Or it could be a revolution group on the inside working in the place of Batman due to his absence to rid Gotham of the thugs. A strange thing about this name, though, is that it’s listed as “People Forgot Ham”. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but that strikes me as Warner Brothers trying to cover up “People for Gotham” which could mean that this name is an important one. Or it could mean that Bruce Wayne left Gotham to pursue a career as a butcher, I’m not sure.

I think that we can all agree, though, Rocksteady did something absolutely amazing with the first Arkham Asylum and regardless of the storyline they choose I can see this one turning out just as good. I love the mystery around the sequel. I don’t want to see a rushed game and it seems that they’re taking they’re time.


Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 teaser trailer analysis

December 13, 2009

For those of you who don’t know, last night was the 2009 Spike VGAs (Video Game Awards). This was a huge event in the world of gaming. It had 28 awards and multiple announcements. These included a new Prince of Persia, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, Green Day: RockBand and Crackdown 2, to name a few! But the one that personally caught my eye was the teaser trailer of what we can only assume is Batman: Arkham Asylum 2. The 1 minute 25 second trailer was presented early in the show and set the mood for the night. This is the video link: (Sorry, embedding isn’t working)

The first thing to notice is at 00:15 when you can see that Arkham Asylum is now in downtown Gotham City as opposed to Arkham island which could mean anything! Is it that it was hard to get to an island and easier if it’s downtown? It could be that they wanted a change of venue due to the events of the 1st game. If this is true, it would mean that you could have all of Gotham to explore! Which would make sense seeing as the asylum looks to be much smaller than last time, consisting of no more than 5 buildings (from what I can make out).

At 00:24 you can see searchlights frantically scouring the surrounding area which would imply a breakout or to show that the security is very high.

At 00:26, you can see a vandilised garage door in a run down alley. On the door is spray painted “Long Live Joker” which would reinforce the idea of a breakout. The next few seconds will also make you think of a jailbreak with thugs running rampant around the streets.

At 00:31 you can see a Uncle Sam-like poster in the top right corner which says “We want you” on it. You can see a close-up of another one of these posters at 00:35. The figure in the poster is in an American flag suit with a gun in his left hand. Half of the suit seems darker than the other, which would immediately point to the popular villain, Two-Face. You can see the poster without the face at the official teaser website Something that would nearly ensure Two-Face’s appearance in this game is the fact that he’s referenced 5 times in the 1st game!

At 00:33 you get a glimpse of a sign in the top right corner saying “iceberg” and at 00:35 you can see (from the inside part of the stain-glass sign) the word “lounge” written backwards. Fans of Batman should know that the Iceberg Lounge is famous villain, The Penguin’s club. The Penguin would be a great villain to include in the 2nd installment as he is a favourite of Batman fans.

Come 00:36 there’s a flash of lightning and the camera moves from a back-alley to a an abandoned building. A giant clown face then comes down and the camera is once-again moved.

You’re moved, at 00:43, from that building to some sort of  fun-house. There’s a rollercoster with a dead body in t in the fun-house, and if you look closely, it looks like the dead body is an Arkham Asylum guard, though I’m not sure about this.

The word “Sionis” appears at 00:46. Sionis is the surname of  villain, Black Mask (Roman Sionis) meaning that he could be in this game as well!

At 00:49 you go through a window leading into a small room and you can hear laughter. In this room you can see Harley Quinn, The Joker’s assistant, and a chair. At 00:50 you can just make out a bit of green hair, and it’s pretty easy to guess who that is. Joker. 00:51, there’s an explosion and Harley kisses Joker on the cheek, all the while Joker is still laughing. Harley walks away and at 00:53 you’re treated with a close-up of the awful-looking Joker. He looks much older. *Spoilers from 1st game* Then again, it could just be a side-effect of Titan */Spoilers* He’s on an IV full of blood and on the bag it says “Property of Gotham General”. He then starts laughing harder until he breaks into a fit of coughing.

At 01:05 it fades away to a picture of a concrete Batman symbol, which starts crumbling and some bits fall off to reveal a steel frame underneath, like you’d have with most concrete structures. The crumbling could symbolise something like Batman being old now, and that he hasn’t fought crime in a long time. Another possibility is that the game could be going the way of the comics *Batman comic book spoilers* in the way that Bruce Wayne has died and that Dick Grayson (Robin) has taken his place, with Wayne’s son becoming the new Robin. */Spoilers* This scenario would be less likely, though considering the fact that Robin was barely even referenced in the 1st game.

At 01:19 the words “Arkham Has Moved” come up, and the form one word when “.com” comes down.

In my opinion, I think that they may have it more based around Gotham than the asylum, but still keeping the asylum, seeing a that’s basically the backbone of this game. When you think about it, having the sequel set in the city could make it feel very much like the Spiderman games or [PROTOTYPE]. I don’t think that having it in the city would be a great move. I can’t find many words to describe it, other than; It might make it too open-worldy.