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So… This is back.

July 1, 2012

I haven’t posted something to this for a long time now. The reason has been that a few weeks ago, I finished exams which were very important, – my last three years in school led up to them – but now I’m back! To my surprise, this place is getting a bit of traffic still, every now and again. A couple of views here and there, which are actually really nice to see, despite the fact they’re most-likely random people stumbling across it. But if you are reading this and like what you’ve read here (or if you don’t. I’m not the biggest fan, either) then please, stick around! I plan to start writing again soon, and I’ve even got an article in the pipes now which I’ve been slowly writing for much too long now.

So I would appreciate it a lot if you would read the article which I plan to post in the next week or so and give me some feedback, seeing as I’m bound to be pretty rusty after such a long hiatus. Thanks a lot, if you do!

– Mark.


I’ve Discovered Something Amazing

June 13, 2010

This is called Don’t worry, I’m Yours. It’s a 9 minute mix of three songs. Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin, I’m Yours by Jason Mraz and Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. 3 happy upbeat songs mixed to make an insanely happy piece of pure excellence. Really, it’s just amazing. I came across is on StumbleUpon and needed to get it out there in one way or another. This mix is done by DJ Dain who I now see as an utter genius.  His blog can be found here:

Have fun with it! 🙂

The Goods and the Bads of Shotguns in a Zombie Apocolypse *Revamped*

October 25, 2009

Welcome to the World of Zombies!

In zombie films/games, the weapon of choice would, more often than not, be a shotgun. In the first part of this article, I’ll be telling you some of the things that make the shotgun such an appealing weapon. Then in the second half, I’ll be telling you the things that would make you want to choose something else.

The Goods!

Killing 20 Zombies With one Round. That’s Value for Money!

With its use of pellets instead of average bullets, shotguns have a wider spread than other types of guns. You also don’t really need to be an expert marksman to use a shotgun. If you point anywhere near your target, you’ll probably hit it. This would really come into play if you were surrounded and needed to take out a few zombies at once.

Rotting Flesh is Easily Blown Apart!

There isn’t a huge range on the average shotgun, but it does depend on what type of ammunition you use. Smaller pellets in a greater amount will get you a bigger spread with a shorter range. Larger pellets in a lesser amount will get you less spread but greater distance. The previous will get you a more powerful shot from close-range while the latter will give you a further shot more like a rifle and therefore more powerful form a distance.

Tired of Shooting Zombies to Death? Beat the Crap out of Them!

Pretty much all of the guns in zombie games and films have butts that you can whack the undead with to make them re-dead! This is handy when you’re out of ammo or you just don’t want to waste your bullets. You also have no limit! As long as you have the energy to keep bashing zombies into pieces, you can smack to your heart’s content!

Small Things Can Kick Ass Too

The shells are small, like other types of ammunition, but unlike other ammunition they have many pellets inside instead of the one round. When you shoot a shotgun, pellets will go everywhere and you’re able to hit multiple targets. With other types of ammunition, you have one projectile coming out of the gun and you’re only able to hit one target per round. Sure you may have a machine gun and yes you can hit more than one object with these, but you have to fire several rounds as opposed to firing one with the shotgun.

There’s a Shotgun For The Whole Family!

There are a lot of different shotguns. Small and easy-to-use shotguns or big ones that will blow half the worlds faces off. You may need a compact shotgun if you’re running or sneaking around, and you may need a big one if you’re defending an area where you don’t have to move around that much. They’re very versatile and if you have a compact one and a powerful one, you’ll make it through.

The Bads.

Reloading One-by-One Takes a While

Why, please tell me, in films and games, do they choose the shotguns that reload the slowest? Do you wanna know why? Its because they’re more often than not the most powerful types of shotguns. This means that you can either flesh wound the zombies and reload quicker, or you can blow 20 of them apart with one slug and take much longer to reload it.

Heavy, Awkward, Clanky

The shotguns that you’d see in the films (As I’ve said before) are usually the bigger, more powerful ones. These ones are usually the most akward, the hardest to carry and he slowest to reload. This would slow you down while you’re running
therefore giving the undead an advantage.

Being Powerful Isn’t Always a Good Thing

Most shotguns are powerful, which is good, but they produce a good bit of kickback, which is bad. Kickback will throw off your aim and maybe throw off your balance if you’re not fully prepared. This could also damage your shoulder if you’re not careful.

You’ll probably Have to reload… A lot

The average shotgun used in movies and video games has a capacity of give or take 6 rounds. This means that you would be reloading often giving the undead more time to feast on you, and we wouldn’t want that to happen.

One Shot Every 10 Seconds Isn’t Fast

Shotguns are semi-automatic guns, meaning that you can only fire one bullet at a time. Due to kickback, you’ll have to take a second after every shot to get your aim back. This could be the difference between life or death if you have a swarm of zombies coming at you. You may hit them all with the one round but that’ll just slow them down. Then again, you might only hit one and kill him. Either way, by the time you get lined back up you could be someone’s dinner!

When the inevitable happens, and everyone who died from Swine Flu comes back as the undead, you should make the most of it! Have fun in your last hours by disembolwing the zombies that roam the planet, but remember, you’re going to have to make a big decision regarding guns. A trusty shotgun or a life-ending zombie perforator?

The Goods and Bads of Shotguns in Zombie Apocolypses

October 17, 2009


In zombie films/game, the weapon of choice would, more often than not, be a shotgun. What makes the shotgun so appealing would probably be it’s huge range, I mean if you have several dozen zombies running at you and you want to get rid of them as quickley as possible, shotguns would do that without you having to reload!

The Goods!

Wide Range of Fire

With it’s pellets instead of an average bullet, shotguns have a wider range of fire than other types of guns. You also don’t really need to have good aim. If you point anywhere near a zombie, you’ll probably kill it.


Not a huge range on these guns, but they pak one hell of a punch in close-quarters.

Can Use Butt of Gun for Melee

Pretty much all of the guns in the zombie games and films have butts that you can whack the undead with to make them re-dead!

Easy-to-Carry Ammo

The shells are small, like other ammunition, but one shell carries alot of punch for something that’s so small.

Different Types for Different Situations

There are alot of different shotguns. Small and easy-to-use or big and will blow half the worlds faces so they look like their arses.

The Bads.

Slow to reload

Why, please tell me, in films and games, do they choose the shotguns that reload the slowest. Do you wanna know why? It’s because they’re more often than not the most powerful. Meaning that you can flesh wound the zombies, but reload quicker, or you can blow 20 of them apart with one slug, but take much longer and reload it one-by-one.

Heavy, not easy to run with

I guess what I’m trying to say is, clanky. The ones in the films (As I’ve said) are usually the bigger, powerfuller ones which are the most awkward.

Very effective at close range, but not so much at long range

Blow their heads off up close and do absolutely no damage at long range. Save your bullets, wait ’til the zombies start running at you!

Doesn’t Usually Have a Big Ammo Capacity

The guns that people seem to pick only seem to be able to have about 6 rounds in the gun at any given time, so that’s a drawback.

Doesn’t have a very high rate of fire

Shotguns are single shot guns that don’t have much ammo capacity, so you have to be careful with your choices.

So there. You have the goods and the bads about shotguns and their zombie disembowelment capabilities. So when everybody who’s died from Swine Flu, comes back as a zombie, you’ll have to make the choice; Shotgun, or Gatling Gun?