So… This is back.

I haven’t posted something to this for a long time now. The reason has been that a few weeks ago, I finished exams which were very important, – my last three years in school led up to them – but now I’m back! To my surprise, this place is getting a bit of traffic still, every now and again. A couple of views here and there, which are actually really nice to see, despite the fact they’re most-likely random people stumbling across it. But if you are reading this and like what you’ve read here (or if you don’t. I’m not the biggest fan, either) then please, stick around! I plan to start writing again soon, and I’ve even got an article in the pipes now which I’ve been slowly writing for much too long now.

So I would appreciate it a lot if you would read the article which I plan to post in the next week or so and give me some feedback, seeing as I’m bound to be pretty rusty after such a long hiatus. Thanks a lot, if you do!

– Mark.


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