Halo: Reach review

I recently had to write a review of anything as homework for English class. I chose Halo: Reach as it was the last game I finished before writing it and decided I’d post it here. It was for school so excuse me if it’s sloppy, but still enjoy šŸ™‚

Halo: Reach is a first person shooter for the XBox 360. It’s the 5th (and last) Halo game developed by the series’ core developer and creators, Bungie. It was released on the 14th of September, 2010and was published by Microsoft game studios.

You are a SPARTAN, part of an elite group of soldiers The game stars with your character joining “Noble Team” and with this, there are already many differences from past Halo games. Before, you were the only SPARTAN soldier in the games, but because of the setting (a prequel to the first game and based in a time before the scrapping of the SPARTAN project) you know have a team helping you along the way. The game takes place on Planet Reach, a place that was destroyed before the core Halo trilogy takes place. It shows Reach from the first enemy invasion right up to its last stand and eventual fall.

Being their first major franchise (and the one that cemented them as a good, respected developer), Halo holds a special in Bungie’s heart and they wanted to send it out the way they brought it in; With a bang. At some points in the game Bungie were literally sending Reach out the way that they brought it in by having things (like indirectly including an original trilogy character in the game) that only true fans would pick up on and feel special for noticing.

Having only played the original game in the series when going into Reach was in no way a bad thing – despite my hate for doing that – as it’s a prequel. Seeing as this ‘is’ a prequel and a set-up for the first game, you really don’t to know the plot of the other games which adds an element of accessibility to anyone without access to the original trilogy.

A strong point in Reach and something that the Halo franchise has always been known for is its multiplayer aspect and in Reach there’s no change. It took what Halo 3 had and made it better. It also took “Firefight” mode from its direct predecessor, Halo 3: ODST and added much more content. A personal favourite multiplayer feature of mine from Reach is the ability to run through the whole campaign on co-op with 4 people. If you have even one friend that’s willing to play with you, it can be incredibly fun!

So did Reach make a good swan song for Bungie? In my opinion, yes. Though the campaign isn’t an amazing feat of story-telling, it does well for a first person shooter. It’s a solid campaign experience that has great ability to (but doesn’t always successfully) suck you into the storyline. The multiplayer is exactly what people have come to expect from a Halo game, nothing short of fantastic and a hell of a lot of fun.

The Conclusion


“As a package, Reach is a solid, fun and well-made game.”


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