Batman: Arkham City announced for Autumn 2011

It may sometimes seem from this blog that the only things I care about are Batman games. While this isn’t true I sure as hell loved Arkham Asylum and was absolutely delighted when the teaser trailer was released for Arkham Asylum 2 or as it’s been officially named, “Arkham City”.

Earlier today the news hit the internet originally starting on the GameInformer website when they released details of their new issue. The cover story of the issue was Arkham City. The first thing that I did when I heard the news was go onto the game’s teaser site, which is the same site as (one of the previously leaked domain names for this game). When you go onto the site you’re greeted with the logo for the new game (above). The first thing that caught my eye when I proceeded in was the colour. Arkham Asylum was a dark, gritty game and the teaser trailer for this confirmed that it would be the same. But if that’s true, then why is there so much white?

The next thing you’re likely to notice is Batman himself. Firstly, he has a blood nose. This must mean something because it was heavily pointed out in the pictures on the  GameInformer issue (which I’ll get to later). This could be why they chose the white, to emphasise the blood. I have 2 theories on the blood nose.

  1. Seeing as the Joker is old and sick, this game could be set much later than the first and Bruce Wayne is old aswell so he can’t fight like he used to anymore. Keeping with the “old” theory, it could also be that since the last game, crime rates have gone down and Batman wasn’t needed so he hung up his cape and stopped fighting. He would be inexperienced if this were the case.
  2. You may remember if you read my article on the leaked domain names of Arkham City that one of the domain names leaked was “”. I speculated about it as best I could and came up with the idea that maybe who you play as in this game isn’t Bruce Wayne but is his side-kick Robin or Dick Grayson. In the comic book series when Bruce Wayne was presumed dead, Dick donned the mask and cape to become the Batman.

The second thing that you should notice about The Dark Knight is his suit. His suit is different and looks more high-tech or more armoured. Either way, this could also be something to support this not being Bruce Wayne. A new suit for a new Batman.

These are the images that were posted by GameInformer (click to enlarge):

In the first image you can see Batman and Catwoman (which obviously confirms her) but with Catwoman’s whip wrapped around Batman’s arm. Has she caught him or the other way around? The next image seems to think otherwise.

In the second image you can see Batman wiping his bloody nose with Catwoman hanging in chains in the background. These are the obvious things but look again between Bats and Catwoman. There you can see a poster of Harvey Dent (Two Face) in an uncle sam pose but instead with both of his hands extended, one of which has a gun. I think that this is exactly what the Uncle Sam posters were; Recruitment posters. I think that this is to recruit thugs and thieves for some sort of army that Joker is setting up.  There’s another not-so-hidden object behind Catwoman. It’s a water tower that reads something like “Gotham City Radio” and has a radio tower on it. “So?” I hear you ask? Well, go back to the teaser site and look around the rooftops at the water towers. It’s painted on most of them meaning that it’s going to have something to do with the game!

I’m so excited for this game! And seeing as it’s being released in Autumn of 2011 (at the earliest) my big fear of it being released too early and not being made right has disappeared!


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