Modern Warfare 2: How’s it holding up?

Where were you on the night of November 9th 2009? Me? I was in line for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the biggest entertainment launch in history. I went into town with my brother, his friend and his friend’s brother at midnight to get it. We waited outside GameStop in November for this game. I got the day off school the next day so that I could play it! And for what? A carbon copy of CoD 4 with new guns, maps and story? No. I did all that for a great game!

Back in November I thought that MW2 was a great game! And it was. It was a completely different game, playing it first. When I went onto the online first time, seeing as I was level 1, I had to use the preset classes and the first one I used had a shotgun as its sidearm which was different. I got my ass handed to me, we were absolutely man-handled! It was still nice to play, though.

The first time I played the single-player I thought that everything was different (I was still blinded by the sensation of actually playing it after all the hype). The first thing that was brought to my attention was the grenade. The physics were stepped up and it actually rolled.

As I got further into the story (finished in 1 day) and leveled up in the online I found myself in the same position as I was with the past two installments in the series. I was hooked. It was a very good game and I loved some of the new maps and guns. They were different. But then I started to realised that they were about the only things that were changed. No gameplay changes and the same graphics to my eye. That wasn’t really a bad thing, though, because I still liked it. It was like CoD 4 and I still liked CoD 4 so I liked MW2!

Today I find myself only playing it when some school friends ask me to but I still enjoy it. The gameplay’s repetitive and the online has it’s flaws like lag, noob-toobers and campers (But that’s what Call of Duty is like) but it’s a simple move and shoot game. It’s simple and keeps you occupied. It may not be my favourite game but at the same time, I suppose I have to give it credit.


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2 Responses to “Modern Warfare 2: How’s it holding up?”

  1. JakePPetersen Says:

    If you think CoD is just a fun move-and-shoot, what FPS would you reccommend for the more tactically minded?

    • breener96 Says:

      From ones I’ve played, I’d say Battlefield 2 (for the vehicles and the commanding). I’ve heard that Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was very tactical aswell.

      If you go out of FPS you have GRAW 2 which I thought was very good when it came to controlling and maneuvering your squad.

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