The Goods and Bads of Shotguns in Zombie Apocolypses


In zombie films/game, the weapon of choice would, more often than not, be a shotgun. What makes the shotgun so appealing would probably be it’s huge range, I mean if you have several dozen zombies running at you and you want to get rid of them as quickley as possible, shotguns would do that without you having to reload!

The Goods!

Wide Range of Fire

With it’s pellets instead of an average bullet, shotguns have a wider range of fire than other types of guns. You also don’t really need to have good aim. If you point anywhere near a zombie, you’ll probably kill it.


Not a huge range on these guns, but they pak one hell of a punch in close-quarters.

Can Use Butt of Gun for Melee

Pretty much all of the guns in the zombie games and films have butts that you can whack the undead with to make them re-dead!

Easy-to-Carry Ammo

The shells are small, like other ammunition, but one shell carries alot of punch for something that’s so small.

Different Types for Different Situations

There are alot of different shotguns. Small and easy-to-use or big and will blow half the worlds faces so they look like their arses.

The Bads.

Slow to reload

Why, please tell me, in films and games, do they choose the shotguns that reload the slowest. Do you wanna know why? It’s because they’re more often than not the most powerful. Meaning that you can flesh wound the zombies, but reload quicker, or you can blow 20 of them apart with one slug, but take much longer and reload it one-by-one.

Heavy, not easy to run with

I guess what I’m trying to say is, clanky. The ones in the films (As I’ve said) are usually the bigger, powerfuller ones which are the most awkward.

Very effective at close range, but not so much at long range

Blow their heads off up close and do absolutely no damage at long range. Save your bullets, wait ’til the zombies start running at you!

Doesn’t Usually Have a Big Ammo Capacity

The guns that people seem to pick only seem to be able to have about 6 rounds in the gun at any given time, so that’s a drawback.

Doesn’t have a very high rate of fire

Shotguns are single shot guns that don’t have much ammo capacity, so you have to be careful with your choices.

So there. You have the goods and the bads about shotguns and their zombie disembowelment capabilities. So when everybody who’s died from Swine Flu, comes back as a zombie, you’ll have to make the choice; Shotgun, or Gatling Gun?


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